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How Dealerships Build Teams: 2016 DrivingSales HR Practices Survey 

The average retail automotive store is hit with turnover related costs of up to $600k per year. Learn key takeaways to implement into your dealership.

4 Sources of Sales Turnover:
Turn these Issues into Retention

The biggest problem with turnover is that it can be difficult to decipher the real problem. Learn how to diagnose and avoid the most common turnover issues.

Hireology Hiring Guide:
The 411 on Phone Interviews

Learn how to make your phone interviews effective, efficient, and informative with our 6-step process that helps you fully understand each applicant's capabilities.



The Ultimate Hiring Guide for Franchisors
10+ Resources to Get Started

Your franchise’s reputation relies heavily on those you employ. Franchisors are stuck between owners needing guidance and navigating a complex regulatory environment. Learn how to balance both these paths with Hireology's exclusive franchisor guide.

10 Interview Questions Franchisees Should Never Ask to Avoid Litigation

Franchisees might not know the questions they’re asking are illegal: even ones that are considered polite or conversational. See our top ten questions to stop asking today.

10 Ways to Hire Right with Candidate Assessments 

Today is the day to stop hiring strangers. We'll guide you through the key benefits of candidate assessment tests: something we provide to all of our customers.

Product Guides


Overview Video:
Introduction to Hireology

Watch as Hireology CEO Adam Robinson walks through our Intelligent Hiring Framework, showcasing the app experience that helps thousands of companies hire better employees.


Product Video:
Organize Candidates with Tagging

Tagging is a great way to organize candidates and applicants with specialized skills and accreditations. Watch as we walk through the best ways to use tagging in your Hireology account.

Product Video: Manage Multiple Stores with Location Dashboard and Zoom

Enterpriese and multi-location businesses can use our Locations Dashboard & Zoom features to monitor hiring activity across all of your locations. Watch to see how to get a bird's-eye view of your organization.


News & Press


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Hireolgy Raises $12M in Series C Funding

We're excited to announce the completion of our latest funding round that will be used to continue our growth and acceleration with our key customer markets.

Industry Veteran Brian Smith joins Hireology Board of Directors

Smith brings a unique perspective to the company, focusing on high-growth to effectively achieve the next phase of development.

Caliper & Hireology Release New Automotive Job Families

Auto customers using Caliper to evaluate candidates will now benefit from scoring techniques made specifically for this vertical.

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Hireology Makes Chicago's TechWeek Top 100

This is the first time Hireology has been recognized by as a leading Innovator in the growing Chicagoland startup and digital network. 

Automotive News:
Recruiting College Grads to the Dealership

Hear how a Hireology customer implemented a better hiring process to staff up with recent college grads from Automotive News.

DealerRefresh: How to Build an Employment Brand for Your Dealership

Your dealer’s brand is a driving force to establish credibility for buyers. Learn how to build an employment brand to find the best team.