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[Webinar] 10 Innovative Ways to Build an Employment Brand for Your Dealership

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When you consider the amount of money and effort dealerships devote to advertising, it’s clear they recognize the importance of a strong consumer brand. But what about an employment brand? Does your dealership even have an employment brand? 

As an employer, creating an employment brand that establishes credibility, goodwill and trust that attracts top talent is as important as attracting car buyers. After all, the cars won't sell or service themselves.

Why you should watch:

  • Be the first to hear new research on why an employment brand is critical to your dealership's recruitment strategy
  • Walk away with 10 actionable ways to develop your dealership's employment brand 
  • Auto Human Capital Strategist, Candice Crane, will lend real-world examples of how she transforms dealership's HR strategies
  • Hireology's Erin Borgerson will moderate the discussion and uncover innovative ideas
Join this 45-minute webinar and walk away with tactical and actionable ways to develop an employment brand that will attract quality candidates to your dealership. Don't miss out!